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[25 Nov 2010 | Comments Off | 3,031 Views]
NYTimes: The Pacifier Gets an Upgrade: Apps and Gadgets to Soothe the Baby

Health care industry can learn a lot from infant gadget market. Think small for target market as well for device featureset.
.. you’ll find both an app and a gadget that claim to decode your baby’s cries. The app, called the Cry Translator, costs $9.99 in the iPhone App Store, while the gadget, the Why Cry Baby Analyzer, sells for $39.99 at ThinkGeek.com, an online electronics store, among other Web outlets. But don’t bother with either one. At least in my experience, these cry analyzers are at best novel curiosities, and …

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[30 Oct 2010 | Comments Off | 4,052 Views]

The Mobile Health Expo, conference tracking the convergence of healthcare and mobile computing, announced 2010 winners. Congratulations to winners. Here is a full list –
Outstanding Contribution to the Growth and Success of Mobile Health
Akamai Technologies, Co-Founder, Dr. Thomas Leighton – Dr. Thomas Leighton, Professor at MIT, is co-founder of Akamai Technologies, a leading innovator in optimizing mobile and Web content. Dr. Leighton has been instrumental in creating technologies that allow for mobile healthcare content delivery, digital clinical trials, and EMRs.
Outstanding Contribution to the Growth and Success of …