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Sybase Finding Says iPad Making Strong Entry Into Enterprise, Healthcare and Education

14 March 2011 3,972 Views One Comment

Interesting summary of how iPad is slowly making it’s way into enterprise, education and health-care market. Here are some of the key findings –

1) There are now at least 366 enterprises and schools testing/deploying iPads in a mass way. This, no doubt, is a massive undercount.

2) That’s 52% growth in the last 4 months.

3) 255, or 70%, are by either colleges or K-12 schools.

4) The next most popular vertical by public deployments is government, with 2.5%. Third is healthcare, with 0.6%.

5) That doesn’t jibe with other surveys showing financial services to be the biggest user of iPads.

6) However, the truth is probably somewhere in between. Schools and government tend to talk about their iPad deployments, for PR and public-disclosure reasons. Banks see no good reason not to remain ultra-private, even as they roll out the fanciest gear.

Read full post here and Sybase research on this site.

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