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Obama Administration Starts $27 Billion Incentive Program for Doctors and Hospitals

27 February 2011 2,737 Views No Comment

New York Times reporting on efforts to accelerate migration of patient health records to electronic systems:

The United States is embarking this year on a grand experiment in the government-driven adoption of technology — ambitious, costly and potentially far-reaching in impact. The goal is to improve health care and to reduce its long-term expense by moving the doctors and hospitals from ink and paper into the computer age — through a shift to digital patient records.

Step back from the details and what emerges is a huge challenge in innovation design. What role should government have? What is the right mix of top-down and bottom-up efforts? Driving change through the system will involve shifts in technology, economic incentives and the culture of health care.

There are going to be huge challenges. Obama administration has all the smarts required to pull this game changing initiative.

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