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ClearPractice Nimble – a Comprehensive EMR for the iPad

5 October 2010 1,506 Views No Comment

Nimble from ClearPractice got a mention in NY Times story on Doerr brothers. Nimble, an iPad app looks very useful. Check out this video:

More description from their website:

Nimble from ClearPractice is a comprehensive EMR built specifically for the iPad. Nimble is a native iPad application that takes full advantage of the iPad’s user-friendly interface. For the busy physician, this means:

* You get all the tools and information you need to deliver optimal patient care on one application on one device in a secure, web-based, HIPAA-compliant environment.
* You can do more than just view information—Nimble allows you to act on it in real time with blazing fast speed.
* You can access and perform anything you need wherever you are, whether at the office, at the hospital, or at home.

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